Jeevan Ankur
Child Career Plan
Child Future Plan
Jeevan Anurag
Komal Jeevan
Jeevan Chhaya
Jeevan Kishore
CDA Endowment Vesting At 18
CDA Endowment Vesting At 21
Children Plans from L.I.C. provide safeguard and planned savings for the future of your children with respect to funding their upbringing, education, career, marriage, etc. Numbers of options are available to satisfy and match your goals for your children.
New Jeevan Nidhi
Jeevan Akshay VI
Jeevan Tarang
Plan now for a great and independent retired life. Choose from Immediate and deferred annuity plans to suit your retirement needs.
Jeevan Sugam
Flexi Plus
Limited Payment Endowment Plan
Jeevan Mitra Double Cover
Jeevan Mitra Triple Cover
Marriage Endowment Plan
New Jana Raksha Plan
Jeevan Anand
Jeevan Amrit
Jeevan Ankur
Jeevan Shree ­ I
Jeevan Pramukh
Endowment with Profits
Endowment Plus
Endowment plan is term insurance policy with maturity benefits. In case of demise of policyholder, the Sum Assured along with accrued bonuses (if any) is paid to the beneficiary. On survival of policyholder, the same is paid on the maturity date.
Money Back Plan 20 Years
Money Back Plan 25 Years
Jeevan Surabhi 15 Years
Jeevan Surabhi 20 Years
Jeevan Surabhi 25 Years
New Bima Gold
Jeevan Bharati-I
Bima Bachat
A bunch of perfect plans offered by LIC to meet the insurance needs and the period financial needs of an Individual. The plans provide cash inflow at a predefined intervals.
Whole Life with Profits
Limited Payment Whole Life Plan
Single Premium Whole Life Plan
Jeevan Anand
Jeevan Tarang
As the name itself suggests, whole life plans provide life cover for the entire lifetime. Different plans with suitable premium options are available to match the requirements of every individual.
Anmol Jeevan - I
Amulya Jeevan - I
Convertible Term Assurance
2 Year Temporary Term Assurance
Pure Protection Plans are specially designed to offer only Life Cover at a very low premium. There are short term plans, long term plans and convertible plans in this category.
Jeevan Saral
Jeevan Shree ­ I
Jeevan Pramukh
These are the plans specifically designed to meet the needs of high networth individuals (HNI). They offer good level of protection and returns with high degree of flexibility.
Jeevan Saral
Jeevan Saathi
Jeevan Bharati ­ I
Mortgage Redemption
Bima Account 1
Bima Account 2
Bima Nivesh 2005
A collection of non-conventional plans designed for catering to special needs of the individuals.
Jeevan Aadhar
Jeevan Vishwas
A service to the physically challenged by the National Insurance provider.
Health Protection Plus
Jeevan Arogya
Health plans from LIC give you the financial security to meet health related contingencies.
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